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NFT and Ordinals Consulting

Crypto Oxygen is your one-stop-shop for NFT's and Ordinals – from strategy to launch, and beyond.

Project Scoping and Conceptualization

Drawing from our expertise in the NFT cosmos, we support you in finding ways to connect your NFT project with your brand and core product.


Every shiny concept needs to pass the reality test: How will your audience accept your NFT approach? We guide you to your first Proof-of-Concept with a full-service-approach: From finding a technology partner, selecting the right marketplace to creating the visual assets, and assessing your Proof-of-Concept.

Project Implementation

When it’s finally time to put your NFT plans into action, we manage your implementation project – reliably and end-to-end.

Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking

NFTs are becoming wildly popular with many major brands dipping their toes into the water. To understand and define your positioning in the competitive landscape, we provide you with a comprehensive competitive analysis, provide the necessary context and derive actionable recommendations.

NFT Strategy Development

The first steps were made – but where do you want to be long-term and how will you get there? We help you to assess your strategic options, jointly select the most promising ones and develop a clear roadmap for how to achieve your strategic goals.

NFT Marketing and Community Building

You don’t just put NFTs out there. Besides a strong utility that needs to come with your NFT, the key to a successful NFT project is building, engaging and managing an active community – just as well as a solid marketing strategy. Together, we ensure you stay ahead of the curve, select the appropriate tools to shape your community’s experience with your brand and products.

Roadmap and Utility Development

NFTs are community projects – investments in a purpose, a utility, a benefit for your community. They can be enablers for strong, impactful projects – but these opportunities are not always obvious. We help you identify these opportunities, to add utility to your NFT project, to widen your consumer base from pure „collectors“, „buyers“ and „sellers“ to actual „users“.

Recruiting / Scouting

An NFT project requires a variety of skills – e.g. setting up and managing a Discord community is very different from traditional social media channels that you might handle inhouse. We are just as keen to make sure you have the right team to manage NFT projects yourselves in the long-run. That’s why we will support you in recruiting exactly the talent you need.

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