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High Performance Computing (HPC) Consulting

The mining industry is transforming to more robust business models by integrating diversified lines of revenue. We specialize in HPC diversification strategies for cryptocurrency-oriented business models.

Our Services

Suitability assessment
  • Market assessment based on customer segments and use cases

  • Technical assessment and repurposing cost & CAPEX analysis

  • Business model creation

Client identification
  • Facilitating client interactions for new DC capacities by BTC miners

  • Finding ideal clients for the specific site characteristics

  • The goal is to enter into contractual agreements facilitating financing

  • Framework agreements with financiers that focus on Data Center financing

  • Both debt and equity financing can be an option

  • Counterparties are VCs, PEs, special funds & infra funds

Technical transition
  • Project management of the technical implementation of repurposing the DC

  • Based on the results from suitability assessment

  • Key areas are redundancy, cooling, racking, and internet connection

Project Examples

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