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Can BTC miners take advantage of HPC in the Nordics?

Bitcoin miners such as HIVE Digital Technologies LTD, Hut 8, Northern Data Group and SATO Technologies are increasingly focusing on High-Performance Computing (HPC).

Our Analysis: HPC colocation capacity in the Nordics

We analyzed the colocation landscape in the Nordics, a region known for its robust infrastructure and commitment to sustainability. Our key findings:

1. Limited capacity: Presently, there is a limited HPC colocation capacity in the Nordics with only ~10 MW available, as demand outpaces the growth in supply.

2. Future changes: The landscape is expected to transform, but not until the end of 2024.

Paving the way for Bitcoin miners

As the HPC colocation demand currently outweighs supply in the Nordics, Bitcoin miners can take advantage of their ability to pivot fast into HPC and position themselves strategically for future growth. The limited current capacity underscores the urgency for miners to act decisively and secure their foothold in this evolving landscape.

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What are your thoughts on the trend of Bitcoin miners embracing HPC colocation in the Nordics?


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